If you die

Imagine the day you will die . Will the birds stop chirping , will the earth stop rotating or will it stop revolving around the sun. Will the people who you care for would be mourning over a loss , will someone cry over your body , will someone remember the beautiful memories that you have spent with them. Will the sun rise or set like it did before . Will someone cry on your death for real . It is very hard to believe , but nothing will stop , you will be remembered for a day or so , and you will be washed out of minds like you were never there before. I wish I could go in the future and find out who are the real people who really cared for me , who really wanted me to be there. Nothing would change , until you change now . There will be only two lives who bought you into life , who would be crying their hearts out . Thats a hard reality my friend . Hence imagine the real people who would really care , and decide upon today , whom you want to care for , live for. Life is a precious gift , don’t waste a moment of it. Start living for yourself and the people who really care for you. It is within you to be the change that you would like to see on that day.

You will be remembered

By virtue of the hearts you touch,
The books you write
The moments you spend
The trees you grow
The broken things you mend
The races you win
The battles you lose
The treasure you encounter
The talent you showcased
The ones you loved


Hard Start

Life is not where you can get everything you want , but it is a stage where you can strive to get everything . Life is a mixture of sorrow and happiness . The most funny part about it is that you never know when it will end. Have you ever thought even for a second , why did God give you this stage to perform ?  Why did he create you ? Why did he give you miseries or happiness ? What did you do in order to get so loving parents and family ? What was so special about you that made him gift you with so special friends ? Did you ever think , whether you are worth this life or not , whether you are the best at whatever you do or not . My friends life is a precious gift , and you never know what can come next , who can come next and change your life . Therefore I request each and everyone to live life today , as if it is your last  . Forget the past , live the present and I promise all your questions will be answered . There is a reason why God has sent you, You might be born dull , not good at everything , but that’s not the end my friend , it’s just a start .  You should always remember that he is with you . My friends you just have to remember that , everyone does not get what he wants in his life. Look at people around you , and I am sure that you will find yourself in a better state.  So my friends though you might have a hard Start , you have to live today as it is your last .

If you are  born poor it is not your mistake , but  if you die poor , its your mistake.