Hard Start

Life is not where you can get everything you want , but it is a stage where you can strive to get everything . Life is a mixture of sorrow and happiness . The most funny part about it is that you never know when it will end. Have you ever thought even for a second , why did God give you this stage to perform ?  Why did he create you ? Why did he give you miseries or happiness ? What did you do in order to get so loving parents and family ? What was so special about you that made him gift you with so special friends ? Did you ever think , whether you are worth this life or not , whether you are the best at whatever you do or not . My friends life is a precious gift , and you never know what can come next , who can come next and change your life . Therefore I request each and everyone to live life today , as if it is your last  . Forget the past , live the present and I promise all your questions will be answered . There is a reason why God has sent you, You might be born dull , not good at everything , but that’s not the end my friend , it’s just a start .  You should always remember that he is with you . My friends you just have to remember that , everyone does not get what he wants in his life. Look at people around you , and I am sure that you will find yourself in a better state.  So my friends though you might have a hard Start , you have to live today as it is your last .

If you are  born poor it is not your mistake , but  if you die poor , its your mistake.